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BANDIT. A man outlawed; one who is said to be under ban.

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SHO Orangzaib Khattak said that the group of bandit comprising upon at least 15 members, professionals bandits kept on complete surveillance before committing the crime and also hiding in other cities of the country after their comrades arrested by police.
Jaycee James Rodriguez was with a group of soldiers of the 45th Infantry Battalion who were conducting search and rescue operations for a kidnapped district engineer when they encountered the bandits in Barangay Tugas.
Galvez said the three bandits first sought the help of Sumisip Mayor Boy Hataman, who in turn contacted the military on Saturday.
SSP Dadu Shabbir Sethar said that the slain bandit was involved in more than 40 criminal cases in different districts of the province, including Tando Allahyar, Shaheed Benazirabad and Shikarpur.
Foaming at the mouth and shaking uncontrollably, fouryear-old Bandit was rushed into intensive care with what vets at first feared was a brain tumour.
With accompanying libraries for both iOS and Android, developers will be able to quickly integrate TomTom Bandit technology into their application and build great experiences using smart video recording.
She said: "The back door in the house was open and Bandit got out and went on to the main road.
The Levies Force arrested the injured robber and shifted the dead and the injured including the bandit and the Levies personnel to hospital.
Police said that three armed bandits intercepted one Asmatullah near the village mosque when he was going to Zahidabad locality on his motorcycle after buying medicines in Naurang bazaar.
This release details the on-going work at the Bandit - Bandit South Area and further results are expected shortly.
The 17-year-old said: "It has now been six weeks since Bandit went missing in Chopwell Woods.
Reporters ignored the poems even after the Bandit hit the big