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BANE. This word was formerly used to signify a malefactor. Bract. 1. 2, t. 8, c. 1.

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CHOICE FOR VOICE: Tom Hardy, who plays Bane in the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises modelled his voice on 'King of the gypsies' Bartley Gorman.
Bane is superhumanly powerful, and not only beat up Batman but ripped his mask off, broke his back and threw him into a pit.
Christian Bale as Batman and (inset) Hathaway as Catwoman Tom Hardy as the evil Bane
Bane raids the stock market and sets off terror on the streets.
But Batman is soon needed more than ever as Bane (Tom Hardy) begins recruiting an army in the sewers beneath Gotham, turning the city into an armed fortress.
He said: "Buster had to shave all his hair off and put on a few pounds as Bane is this big ugly thing.
In the past, Christopher Nolan showed off a 6-minute prologue that introduced us to Bane and the biggest criticism was that the voice was very muffled and couldn't be understood.
In defining the vampire as a bringer of plague and death, Bane identifies the specific--and uncommon--focus for this useful book.
It's a record that has now stood for more than 10 years and Joe will be playing all the characters in Bane.
Bane, a terrifying opponent who grew up in prison - having been forced to serve his father's sentence after his father escaped - was also used as a test subject for Venom, a steroid-type drug that makes him horrifyingly strong.
Toole is a customer of Bane Machinery, a Kobelco dealer with four locations in Texas, including the nearby town of Tyler.
Aspirin-popping tartan-accented Alban Bane pushes his way through the crowd outside San Quentin with an open umbrella.