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This involves buying cars with forged bank drafts and then selling them on for cash.
To see if you qualify for Budget Billing and to sign up for Automatic Bank Draft, visit http://www.
Your Money Access is a multi-product payment solution provider, offering services such as ACH processing, electronic funds transfers, bank draft processing, RCK/NSF check recovery and electronic check processing.
They sent the bank draft through a subsidiary of the Royal Mail - but the draft never arrived although its progress was tracked.
The conman drove off in the top-of-the-range BMW X5 after handing owner Paul Freeman a bank draft for pounds 28,000
The warrant certificate must be submitted together with (i) a duly completed and executed subscription, in the form attached to the warrant certificate or in the form that was mailed to registered warrantholders with the Notice of Special Meeting of Warrantholders and Management Information Circular, each dated June 28, 2005, specifying the number of warrants that the holder intends to exercise; and (ii) a certified cheque, bank draft or money order in Canadian dollars, payable to or to the order of the Company in an amount equal to the Cdn$1.
Gexa customers have been increasingly subscribing to the automatic bill pay program, which includes Visa(R), MasterCard(R), and our recently expanded options, automatic bank draft and American Express(R).
The seller is contacted and sent a fraudulent cheque or bank draft for over the asking price.
com, MX Logic's new online store offers SMBs the ability to choose from three levels of email protection, opt for either annual or monthly service terms, and pay by either credit card or bank draft.
THREE foreigners have been found guilty of involvement in a multi-million dollar counterfeit bank draft scam run from an office in Dublin.
Door-to-door, direct deposit and bank draft delivery service will be offered later this year.
ONE of four men accused of a multi-million dollar fraud was yesterday found guilty of handling a forged bank draft.