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We present evidence from the market for Southern bank notes that he was right on both counts.
In a manner similar to equation (2), for agents holding bank notes and fiat money, respectively, we have
Don't miss The Mirror every weekday next week when we'll print more bonus half bank notes.
Although there are some benefits associated with a high-denomination bank note, the law enforcement community has expressed concern about the disproportionate use of large-denomination bank notes for illicit activity, including money laundering, drug trafficking, and tax evasion.
Printing a bank note costs just under 3p, and the Bank says a switch to plastic would depend on how much more the new material would cost.
While the terms of potential bank notes could pressure the system's financial performance if the entire commercial paper authorization were to become bank notes for a sustained time period, Fitch believes that the system's existing financial profile as well as the system's implied market access to take out such notes with long-term debt mitigate any significant concern.
BANK note printer De La Rue's improvement plan, which includes moving more work to its Gateshead factory, is progressing on course, the company said.
The new bank notes will also contain a new security feature, which includes unique numbering and micro printing.
The confiscated bank notes included 367 bills of 500 euros, 1,367 bills of 100 euros, along with 931 bills of $100," he said.
He informed the undercover agents that he had more bank notes and due to urgency to collect money he is selling them the note for only Dh450,000 but the other notes will be sold for $500,000," Major Osuba said.
For a start, 99 per cent of the people who handle Clydesdale Bank notes are Scottish, so the chances of a pounds 50 note being pulled from a wallet in public are virtually non-existent.
REGARDING the refusal of Scottish bank notes in England - English bank notes are the only legal tender of the United Kingdom.