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The World Bank paper said although most expected a smooth tightening cycle from the Fed, there was a risk of a substantial hit to capital flows if investors started to expect more aggressive hikes and drove up long-term bond yields.
The solid foundation on which that relationship has been built is a key reason behind the continuing demand for UAE, and wider GCC, bank paper.
Hobhouse stated outright in Parliament that he was "afraid that bank paper would fall into as low a condition as even assignats or mandats.
We've been over two times invested in cable and satellites, and our biggest overweight, of 240 percent of the index, has been in senior bank paper.
As the World Bank paper also pointed out, it should not merely be a case of dishing out information.
A new World Bank paper takes a look at this expansion, its construction unit costs and some of its key cost components.
We continue to see a strong demand for Yes Bank paper.
Last year they reversed course, printing central bank paper indexed to the dollar and facilitating dollar-denominated commerce despite the scarcity of greenbacks.
According to the 1999 World Bank Paper Infrastructure, Geographical Disadvantage and Transport costs, if East Africa reduced its transport costs by 10%, trade could increase by more than 20%.
The bank is expected to take advantage of investors' demand for subordinated bank paper through the issue
The potential overhang of bank paper resulting from Sberbank's SPO is also likely to weigh on the share price in the near term.
com)-- An interesting valuation methodology for gold is to determine what gold price is necessary for each unit of central bank paper to be backed by gold reserves.