bank robber

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27 robbers had researched the topic, they would know that about 85 percent of all bank robbers in Little Rock are caught.
Earlier this summer, an overweight bank robber allegedly robbed 10 banks throughout the region, including two in New Hampshire He was dubbed the "Burly Bandit.
We've had serial bank robbers this year and have arrested several of them, but this guy is the most prolific still out there,' said FBI spokesman Paul McCabe.
He must be the world's worst bank robber,' said a state prosecutor.
Most people have a better chance of knowing a bank robber than winning the local lottery, so they should be given that chance of a lifetime to claim a reward without direct contact with law enforcement.
One of the police officers chased a bank robber while off-duty and with his mother in the car while the other stopped another bank robber by throwing a rock at him.
A BRITISH diplomat in Florida has revealed the bizarre tale of Scotland's dumbest bank robber.
Johnny Piper of Lamar County, Texas, pursued a suspected bank robber, Michael Hammonds, down a country road.
A BANK robber fled red-handed after his haul of money exploded all over him yesterday.
A BANK robber from Liverpool handed himself in to German police after he grew bored of being on the run.
ITS FIRST TELLING CAME IN 1975, VIA THE SIDNEY LUMET-DIRECTED MOVIE DOG DAY AFTERNOON, STARRING AL PACINO AS WOJTOWICZ, the gay bank robber whose heist "should have taken ten minutes," in the immortal words of the Warner Brother's advertisement, but "four hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow.
98), with Queen Latifah as a bodaciously butch lesbian bank robber.