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BANKBOOK ,commerce. A book which persons dealing with a bank keep, in which the officers of the bank enter the amount of money deposited by them, and all notes or bills deposited by them, or discounted for their use.

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Through her work on the Bankbook and other projects, Elisabeth has taken part in laying the foundation for ForeningsSparbanken's continued development.
It takes longer and longer for my liver and bankbook to recover these days and the addition of the fourth day is - in my opinion - just tearing the erse out of it.
TORONTO - For all of their resources, from the farm system right through John Henry's bulging bankbook, the Red Sox are really not that much different from any other major league baseball team in one respect.
RBC Royal Bank utilizes WebFOCUS for its innovative Bankbook Reconstruct application, completely automating the once manual process of printing bank statements and bankbook reconstructs.
Philip Anschutz and a bankbook with $450,000 - a down payment from L.
The new account, called ''Bio Security Deposit,'' is designed to prevent a person who steals another person's bankbook from withdrawing money by checking palm vein patterns in combination with the use of a seal or a personal identification number.
USOC officials said the new deal could add as much as $100 million to the organization's bankbook by 2008.
King Kieren didn't exactly cover himself in glory last Saturday and an impressive victory on this progressive son of Sadler's Wells can help ease the bankbook pain.
Darcus is left only with the clothes he is wearing, as his money and bankbook are in the back of the car.
Toyoda then stole her bankbook and withdrew about 10 million yen from her account the following month, the ruling said.