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The new banknote provides the opportunity to tell more of the rich story behind these distinguished Australians.
The number of counterfeits remains very low compared with the number of genuine banknotes in circulation, which has risen steadily, at rates above GDP growth, since they were introduced.
Apart from a small puppy on one side of the banknote, there is also a printed Chinese word 'c' (literally dog) framed by a Chinese knotting to highlight the biggest festival of Chinese-speaking societies.
the new generation currency (NGC) banknotes released featured enhancements to the designs, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said.
The technology was presented only recently, at the 2016 Banknote Conference in Washington, where KURZ unveiled its 'Colorful World' Specimen Banknote Series.
The banknote issuance in Egypt is subject to Banking Law 88/2003.
KARACHI -- The old design banknotes will cease to be legal tender with effect from Dec.
A year later, the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia put into circulation banknotes with protective marks but those weren't the real money either, that is, they didn't have the look they have today.
Summary: There have been calls recently on the part of all kinds of economic experts to change banknotes in Tunisia, presenting it as the appropriate solution to end parallel trade and
Leitmotif of the obverse of the conceptual, and art and graphic design of the 2000 denar banknote is the presentation of Macedonian bridal costume from Prilep Field, as an impressive reflection of the richness of the folklore heritage of the Republic of Macedonia.
In Cyprus a total 414 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn in the second half of 2015, which was up on the number withdrawn in the first half of the year.
Periodic upgrades maintain confidence in the New Zealand currency, by ensuring that the banknote technology is up to date and ahead of the counterfeiters.