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This baptismal formula flies in the face of Lambeth Conference resolutions and ecumenical agreements with other Trinitarian churches.
The writings of this era suggest that Baptist baptismal theology in America was a betwixt and between theology that attempted to distance itself from both sacramentalism and mere symbolism.
Therefore, priests should not alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records.
Part 1 serves as a primer in ecumenical ecclesiology and sacramentology, surveying the baptismal practice, theology, and liturgy of 18 churches.
It is no small feat to wade through so carefully and authoritatively the varieties of baptismal rites and interpretations, not only in the early and medieval periods, but especially in the second volume, that is, in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, a time period often ignored by scholars of liturgical history.
Combing the tradition; Catholic schools in the era of baptismal consciousness.
In addition to ordained ministry, he fulfills his baptismal vocation as husband to Kathy, father to Nathan, and "alpha dog" to Merlin, the miniature schnauzer of the house.
That is my baptismal name, just as sacred as their own baptismal names.
While Lent's primary purpose is baptismal preparation and preparation for its renewal, part of that preparation is the acceptance of our baptismal responsibility to go out and be agents of change in the world.
REMARKABLE statements were made at the Liverpool City Police Court today, when Cyril Aloysius Keogh (28), an actor, was charged with intent to mislead, and also with being in possession of a forged baptismal certificate.
Though my baptismal certificate is a bit yellowed and tattered, I carry it with me wherever I go.
During the service members of the congregation renewed baptismal vows.