bare subsistence

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But, just as they reached a proper age for their union, misfortunes had fallen heavily on both, and made it necessary that they should resort to personal labor for a bare subsistence.
He earned a bare subsistence by writing on the exhibitions of pictures for one or two English papers, and he did a certain amount of translating.
Almost a year since it became a member of the World Bank Group, South Sudan, which got its independence in July 20121, still faces enormous challenges with virtually no or poor infrastructure, bare subsistence level agriculture, dismal human development indicators, and weak formal institutions of government.
They threaten to put 30,000 Remploy jobs on the line, and throw these decent people out of work and on to a benefits system which would cut their quality of life to a bare subsistence level.
As the office superintendent waits for the evasive funds to arrive from the newly-appointed administrators, the low-paid employees have to bear the humiliation of knocking one door after the other to borrow a few bucks to maintain the bare subsistence level and survive on leftovers which are not even fit for domestic pets.
Aa For a growing number of Palestinians, the conditions of bare subsistence and even survival are Israeli gifts that few can afford to spurn through political activity, let alone civil disobedience or armed resistance.
When there is a shortage of basic things like food, petrol etc, over-indulgence of the few deprives others of the possibility to lead a bare subsistence level of life.
Or, the bare subsistence experienced by many respondents could compare poorly with the lifestyle of abundance and indulgence depicted in local folklore and mythology.
Can't we encourage work by positive incentives, by offering people good jobs at decent wages that are clearly better than bare subsistence, instead of the sub-poverty wages we offer lower-status workers today?
Capitalists can do this because there exists a class of workers who have to sell their labour to survive and a class of capitalists who possess a monopoly of the means of produ ction that enables them to force these workers to accept "a bare subsistence wage.