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After all, her job, like many scientists, is to reconstruct the distant past from the barest of clues.
rattling green coins in the branches above play the barest breezes in
Intensely pretty and emotional, it is a voice reduced to the barest of bones.
Amid the chaos at the finish, Yauheni Hutarovich of FJD BigMat placed third with Greipel and Petacchi split by the barest of margins.
Amid the chaos at the finish, Yauheni Hutarovich, of FJD BigMat, placed third with Greipel and Petacchi split by the barest of margins.
Rail union TSSA accused the Association of Train Operating Companies (Atoc), which announced the rises, of trying to "bury bad news" by giving "only the barest details" of the overall increase.
However, out of respect for Holmes aficionados and those who hate to have such a brilliantly constructed plot spoiled by an over-zealous (or perhaps that's really jealous) critic, I feel I can only reveal the barest of bones when it comes to the details of the plot.
Try telling that to those currently scraping the bottom of their empty barrels for the barest of necessities.
Consistent pricing of work with the barest of margins is to be discouraged as this can only lead to future problems if reserves are not held to support such trading in the short term.
Economies of scale are something any businessman must understand, and there is a point at which providing the barest of educational necessities to so few children just isn't efficient.
Sources said in order to help with the security processes at the departure gate, passengers have been asked to keep hand baggage to the barest minimum.
Surely," the letter asserts, "even the barest effort could secure clergy from one of these traditions more than once or twice per year.