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With his barrel chest and gravelly, deadpan delivery, Howard plays deftly against the broad comedy by reining his energy in for maximum effect--think Edgar Kennedy as a bouncer.
The physically impressive Roach, sprouting a red beard, 6ft 4 ins tall and swelling a barrel chest, was the former wrestler Bomber Busbridge, from Bristol, who has a generally sensible outlook.
Big barn door of a boy, shirt hanging out, barrel chest and the gait of a man who has only just discovered how to run.
He had a natural swagger to his cricket that always excited crowds, and it is sad that five-day cricket will no longer witness that puffed out barrel chest, or that sprint to the stumps, culminating in a giant jump into a delivery stride, followed by an allor-nothing release at speeds which touched 94.
O'Hare was a centre-forward with massive shoulders and a huge barrel chest.
I slip into corners, and my long antennae pick up the catchphrases strewn over the surface of things -- nigger underwear smells of nigger -- nigger teeth are white -- nigger feet are big -- the nigget's barrel chest -- I slip into corners, I remain silent, I strive for anonymity, for invisibility.
That's me," he said, tugging on the navy clip-on suspenders that held up his squat mid-blue trousers to the light blue-and-white broad-striped shirt that covered his barrel chest and hump.
The downside is, unless you have a barrel chest as deep as Arnold Schwarzenegger's, you're limited to a short-length pistol.
Sure, there are more lines and scars on the battered forehead - but the barrel chest is bigger than ever, the brooding passion burning just as fiercely.
Vaughn, all 240 pounds of him, is the personification of power--a barrel chest, tree-trunk-like thighs and arms that resemble those that belong to Popeye.
He has a barrel chest with forearms sinewed with muscle but oddly thin.