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BARRENNESS. The incapacity to produce a child. This, when arising from impotence, is a cause for dissolving a marriage. 1 Fodere, Med. Leg. Sec. 254.

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Perhaps this is the sort of barrenness Clark wanted the reader to grapple with.
this is what mainly happened and be one reasons of spreading the sever chronic diseases, allergies, barrenness in both genders, confirmed Dr.
5 indicating the barrenness of the river without any life.
He has addressed the barrenness of the American political system, the dangerous narrowness of biblical fundamentalism, and voiced his deep concern that Rome does so little to acknowledge how widespread child abuse has been and the likely consequences of global change for a society committed to squandering the world's resources.
Deep in this winter of electoral discontent, amid the din and barrenness of old, old voices, we are more than usually eager for new sounds and for the music of an unabashed, uncompromised elsewhere.
Induction of exotic deinotheres, native African folivorous beasts, in Dharmsala Basin of Indian Himalayan region in early Miocene is a potential proxy to the fact that basin was having a well drained thick forest, and thus older levels of the region revealing barrenness indicate a big change in the intervening interval.
He said some ignorant pilgrims also prayed to dead persons while some others collected dirt from the graveyard believing that it would cure diseases, bring luck and prosperity or cure barrenness.
Khaliq said that the menus of extremism, sectarian hatred, conservatism and intellectual barrenness can only be wiped out from the national landscape if our academia ventures to play a dynamic role.
Black and white are non-colours: black represents evil or barrenness, while white as the absence of colour is suitable for mourning.
EXTRACT OF THE PAUPER'S FUNERAL, BY ROBERT SOUTHEY Haunted by Poverty and woe-begone, Unloved, unfriended, thou didst journey on: Thy youth in ignorance and labour past, And thine old age all barrenness and blast
Faith in the new life that comes with the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord and that abides in spite of the barrenness of the human spirit is like the commitment of hope that the barren woman gives to her womb.
At the core of America's most fruitful political movement resides a perpetual barrenness.