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It was in 1958 that Ledra Street was first barricaded by the British after fighting erupted between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.
A Durham Fire Brigade spokesman said: "They had barricaded themselves into the bedroom and set off the fire alarm.
The threat could be a loss of freedom, as in the case of a barricaded subject afraid of incarceration or the potential loss of the relationship of a loved one or child, evident in many domestic dispute-related barricade and hostage situations.
A group of 12 barricaded themselves inside a cell when guards arrived to escort the women back to their own cells.
Price threw a semiautomatic rifle at police, then barricaded himself in a bathroom, officials said.
For example, in 2001, the Suffolk County HNT handled 32 incidents, most of which involved barricaded subjects, and their rate of successful resolution without a violent conclusion was over 95 percent.
NORTH HILLS - Police took a man into custody Sunday after he barricaded himself in his home for five hours, officials said.
Both the officer placed in the position of the sniper who deploys lethal force when the barricaded suspect is a fellow member of the agency's special weapons and tactical (SWAT) team and the commander who placed the officer in that sniper position face difficult predicaments.
When the woman called police, Foster barricaded himself in the house, officials said.