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Particular areas of concern were the limited knowledge with respect to obtaining and following up on the results of MRSA screening swabs, barrier nursing and the use of chlorhexidine soap in the SCICU, as well as complacency regarding the current infection control practice in the SCICU.
Last week, the barrier nursing element was launched to protect patients, visitors and staff from infections from isolation rooms.
After the diagnosis, she was isolated and barrier nursing used to stop the spread of the disease.
Until more is known about the cause of these outbreaks, the WHO recommended patients with atypical pneumonia who may be related to these outbreaks be isolated with barrier nursing techniques, and that any suspect cases be reported to national health authorities.
He was taken into a side ward, where we were told he would need barrier nursing, ie the need for washing and disinfecting when going in and out.
The patient was isolated and strict barrier nursing implemented on the suspicion of viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF).
Dr Najeeb said the isolation units are necessary for flu patients but time barrier nursing may be focused in hospital during treatment of such patients and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face masks, face shields and shoes cover to be provided.
As well as using barrier nursing, Mother A and her two twins would have been placed in a cubicle on their own.