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in Kensington, Maryland, says, "Competition is intense and bartering offers businesses both financial and marketing benefits that can be used to their advantage.
If the challenges of educating a wary corporate community on the benefits of barter can he overcome, online bartering could become a trend to watch.
Bartering networks, local exchange trading systems and radical approaches like locally - instead of federally - issued currency allow one to largely sidestep dollar bills and credit cards.
The ancient practice of bartering appears to have been revived in recent years.
We've been bartering with Active ever since: $5 million a year in products every year since 1989--mostly watches, calculators, and musical keyboards.
According to Tyson Maroon, who heads the company's bartering efforts, the real estate brokerage company has been working on these deals for two years and they are finding increasing acceptance.
Bartering is a much more complicated way to do business than using currency as an exchange medium, but when it's the only way you can do business in a country, you adapt.
Unlike the retail barter network, which primarily works with small businesses and professional people, corporate bartering involves manufacturers, distributors, hotel chains and other larger companies, producing higher-valued transactions.
Bartering veteran and President of Alamo Barter Corporation, Rachel Taylor said, "Our clients will greatly benefit from the affiliation with BarterNet.
As a result of the current recession there has been a proliferation in the number of sublease transactions involving bartering firms.
In her new role, Georgia will oversee the bartering activities in our new Southern California market.
BarterNet is launching worldwide bartering by bringing together premier retail barter exchanges and corporate barter companies to create the world's largest global trading network.