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Amounts also may be treated as paid or incurred during the taxable year if the taxpayer provides property or services (rather than cash) in exchange for property or services (a bartering transaction).
in Kensington, Maryland, says, "Competition is intense and bartering offers businesses both financial and marketing benefits that can be used to their advantage.
If the challenges of educating a wary corporate community on the benefits of barter can he overcome, online bartering could become a trend to watch.
The revival of bartering appears to be driven in part by the more competitive global business environment.
We've been bartering first-line merchandise to finance an expanded advertising budget.
We had to overcome the negative perception of bartering.
port cities and are numerous in countries where bartering is common.
As a result of the current recession there has been a proliferation in the number of sublease transactions involving bartering firms.
Bartering dates back to at least the 15th century, when people traded everything from food to animal hides.