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We consider this license agreement a further validation of our research on the basal lamina," stated Dr.
BioStratum's two lead drug candidates are direct results of basal lamina research, Pyridorin(TM) for diabetic kidney disease is in Phase II clinical trials, and Angiocol(TM), a novel, proprietary anti- angiogenic targeting cancer is in late stage preclinical development.
In stimulated animals, the terminals become in direct contact with basal lamina, surrounding capillary vessels are enlarged and their number increased [24].
14-16) Pinocytic vesicles, basal lamina, and primitive cell junctions are also identified.
Tryggvason is the discoverer of the genetic basis of the basal lamina defects in Alport syndrome.
The nerve cell components rapidly degenerate, but the supporting cells, called the Schwann cells, divide and remain aligned in columns, which are surrounded by a continuous tube of material called basal lamina.
The GOM consists of electron-dense extra-cellular granular deposits located either free between degenerating smooth muscle cells or in the indentations of these cells, often in association with thickened basal lamina.