base camp

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On Feb 9, Adam Bielecki and Rafal Fronia, members of the Polish expedition, were hit by a large stone while climbing from K2 base camp to camp 2.
Finally enough funds were collected and on the request of the Polish Embassy in Islamabad, Askari Aviation took four mountaineers to Nanga Parbat's base camp on Friday.
It stands at 8,848 metres, or 29,029 feet, while base camp is at 5,364 metres.
I was given the responsibility of radio communication and monitoring of dots in the scope from base camp.
The base camp is also serving as acclimatization camp as the climbers do trekking daily to get familiar with the conditions, he added.
Revival of real role of base camp and change of outmoded system is a national obligation.
The climber is expected to remain at Base Camp for the next few days.
Climbers have begun to move from the base camp to higher camps for the summit," Shrestha told Reuters from Base Camp.
Each year, Everest base camp mushrooms into a temporary global town of 1,000 people--without a sheriff.
We rushed towards base camp to save ourselves," said Nazir Ahmad of Kulgam, who had a tea stall outside the base camp.
The Dubai-based team composed of nine volunteers has cancelled their charity trek to the Everest Base Camp after a deadly 7.
James Grieve, 52, from Kinross, one of those marooned at Camp One and unable to get to Base Camp, said: "We're in a race against time to get off.