base camp

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EXPEDITION: Dr Upasana Tayal, left, and at Everest base camp, above, during her charity walk
The base camp assessment is the key in an active preventive medicine program; however, there needs to be a clear understanding of the purpose of the base camp assessment program.
Base camp stands at 17,600feet - about 12,000-feet below the summit.
FAN BASE Huw Edmunds is training to climb to Everest base camp by carrying son Nicholas up Pen-y-Fan
base camps focused on sharing best practices among the Base Camp CoP.
It is really awesome to finally get to base camp," LaQuishia said about her Nepalese cultural immersion, which has included a stay in Katmandu and visits to Sherpa villages, bazaars, tea houses, monasteries, schools, and hospitals along the trekking route to Mount Everest base camp.
He has not made contact since he set off for Base Camp three days ago.
We rushed towards base camp to save ourselves," said Nazir Ahmad of Kulgam, who had a tea stall outside the base camp.
Base Camp will be centrally located between the main part of the property, containing the reception hall, dining facilities and guest rooms, and the riverfront guest rooms that provide stunning views of the Nenana River.
The Dubai-based team composed of nine volunteers has cancelled their charity trek to the Everest Base Camp after a deadly 7.
Nick, who aims to raise PS100,000 for the charity, left the UK to embark on the climb on March 29 and reached the base camp on April 16.
THE first survivors from the Mount Everest base camp avalanche were airlifted to safety yesterday.