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The magistrate denied the attorney his request when he requested the remaning of his client Mark Basely Yusuf under house arrest on charges of exploiting deception and forgery in the production of his movie - (The Innocence of Muslims) - and assumed various fake pseudonyms.
Against this teaching wicked and wild people of our time have not only thought basely about this revered sacrament but, as is their wont, smuggling in the license of the flesh on the pretext of the gospel, they have said and written a great deal that is foreign to the mind of the catholic church and to custom [probata consuetudine] from apostolic times, bringing great damage to the Christian faithful.
Was he basely trying to besmirch a man of high ancestral lineage motivated to adopt a strict code of personal honor because his own origins lay in his father's rotted reputation and neglect of his family, as well as his mother's invalidism and shame?
The king is not himself, but basely led by flatterers; and what they will inform, merely in hate, 'gainst any of us all, that will the king severely prosecute gainst us, our lives, our children, and our heirs.
On Thursday, the polisario separatists unscrupulously exploited this incident for basely political ends, in disregard for the victim's memory and for his grieved family.
Basely, had he not so far yielded to his mother's prayers, Achilles had disguised his manhood in a woman's robe.
390), Mortimer replies, "Uncle, his wanton humour grieves not me, / But this I scorn--that one so basely born / Should by his sovereigns favour grow so pert" (1.
government for allowing "itself to become basely subservient to ecclesiastic, church Intrusion," and against the "religio-political pimp," Comstock.
The other two factors--sorcery and race--are much more relevant in Johnson's exploration of the magical properties of the basely enchanted world of capitalism.
Will knights of Malta be in league with Turks, And buy it basely, too, for sums of gold?
It did so by referring to the Basely Committee's Core Principles of Banking Supervision that include requirements on bank solvency and the "fit and proper" character and conduct of owners and managers and by imposing only partial harmonization of these rules across member states.