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Instead, they point at me with pity when I drive up and bashfully shuffle from the cab.
During the early days of the coup, the EU not only beat around the bush about not calling the coup d'etat a coup, but also bashfully implied that the coup was legitimate.
Steamie talk Bashfully, one of us shared that when Andy won Wimbledon, she and her partner had a fabulous night of passion.
His leading lady in Lootera, Sonakshi Sinha, couldn't put in a word during the press meet without being bashfully interrupted.
EU Ambassador to Macedonia Aivo Orav bashfully apologized to Macedonians Monday for referring to them as Slav Macedonians a few days earlier in his address to the European Parliament, explaining that he had no intention of insulting anyone.
You're always messin' with me," he laughs and somewhat bashfully places the hat back over his short dreads.
Skipper Phil Neville might have had to bashfully accept a runners-up trophy on the pitch afterwards, but there were enough signs to suggest Everton could have more to be proud about next term.
I've spotted a few maxi skirts and bare midriffs heading into office blocks and can't help wondering if they'll spend their 9 to 5 bashfully covering their exposed skin whenever the boss passes.
Grinning bashfully at the fullfigured divorcee, judge Will says: "So, right, Barbara was singing to me right.
waters, huddled bashfully in an inlet of tilting trees to grasp
There is Paris posed sucking a popsicle stick, overt in its phallic implication; Paris as 'pool cleaner'; Paris as angelic naked figure surrounded by white, with her chin lowered bashfully and her long blonde hair covering her bare breasts; Paris as bondage vixen/'victim' naked and tied up in cord; and Paris dressed in negligee and stripper-heels.