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He affirmed that the private schools are a basic part of the educational system and the main partner of the ministry in the process of educational modernization, adding that these schools are subject to full supervision of the Ministry.
MP Omar Inayat for the MC in the Kurdistan Parliament said in a press statement that "the National Council of the MC took a decision by staying in the current government," adding that the MC is a basic part in the government as the second force in the Kurdistan region.
The Governor said that local governments are a basic part of a democracy, as they are necessary to facilitate people at grassroots level.
But a basic part of our society should be to ensure that our children are fed.
The oriental meals are one of the main factors of enhancing tourism in Syria and they constitute a basic part of the international heritage," Minister of Tourism Bishir Yazaji said.
He said: "A blood test was a basic part of treatment.
Bloomberg reports the agency discovered the glitch shortly after its introduction and it "became a basic part of the agency's toolkit for stealing account passwords and other common tasks.
You would have thought that was a basic part of any environmental investigation.
Empowering municipalities, reviewing their role to form larger service sectors and address their financial condition and debt will give an added importance to the local administration and make it a basic part of the democratic game and governance," Srour said.
The ambassador added Iran's support for the cause of Palestine was also a basic part of Tehran's foreign policy.
It also helps prevent cancers and infections and is a basic part of cat health care.
As Ian Cross mentioned ("Whatever music is, it's a basic part of being human," SN: 8/14/10, p.

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