basic truth

See: principle
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Dynan might now regret his role in pointing out that basic truth, but we don't, and neither should the public.
The basic truth is that any intelligent person who is concerned about carbon emissions should support the immediate construction of nuclear power stations.
They show the basic truth that too many people in Scotland cannot get jobs.
It's just a basic truth for me - where there's Welsh, there's unity.
If it forgets that basic truth, it risks repeating the doleful errors of 75 years ago.
The basic truth in all supply chain management is that you are only as good as your weakest link.
The solution to this dilemma in treating Augustine - as it must be for much of medieval literature that is discernibly Christian - lies in the realization that the Bible is the canonical and unalterable text yielding a basic truth, open to multiple interpretations provided that they are in accord with that basic truth.
Ageism continues to be a problem in the workplace, with too many employers unable to adapt to the basic truth that many people wish to work beyond the age of 65, and most have skills and experience the rest of the workforce do not.

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