basic truth

See: principle
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This will do nothing to change the basic truth of this appalling reward-arapist scandal.
It's been difficult enough getting some people who were supposedly intelligent adults at the time of the tragedy to accept the basic truth (as opposed to``The Truth'' so shamefully put forward by The S*n) -but now, there is a new challenge.
The cause of abortion rights is in a solid, and fundamentally static, legal and political situation, even if that basic truth is one that most prochoicers decline to emphasize, or refuse to acknowledge.
It obscures that basic truth to suggest we mu st choose between trusting government or the people.
And the Labour MEP added: "The wealthy of the world must once and for all understand a basic truth - that if they do not systematically combat poverty, they are contributing to the conditions which breed resentment and provide desperate fertile minds to be captured by extremism.
For example, in the chapter, "Making Records," he writes about what it means to stay competitive, "The basic truth about the record business is this--you get ripped off and then you learn to rip off the next person.
And the basic truth, as suggested by this match, is that Birmingham, beyond their limitless capacity for toil, are short of quality in the key play-making positions.
While it is a tongue-in-cheek thought that these people can be encouraged to spend the children's inheritance on travelling the Turf, it highlights a basic truth.
And as a curtain twitches, and the head of English MP John Carlisle appears at an upstairs window, a basic truth dawns.
Hoagland was in sync with one basic truth about Congress long before he got there: Party or platform wasn't the thing, incumbency was.
It is, in fact, an obvious and basic truth, but it has become so obscured by the complexities of our economic and political systems that it seems to be a truth forgotten.
Every generation, a politician or a churchman finds a new way of expressing the same basic truth - that if we do not look after the most vulnerable then we should hang our heads in shame.

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