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BASILICA, civil law. This is derived from a Greek word, which signifies imperial constitutions. The emperor Basilius, finding the Corpus Juris Civilis of Justinian too long and obscure, resolved to abridge it, and under his auspices the work proceeded to the fortieth book, which, at his death, remained unfinished. His son and successor, Leo, the philosopher, continued the work, and published it in sixty books, about the year 880. Constantine Porphyro-genitus, younger brother of Leo, revised the work, re-arranged it, and republished it, Anno Domini, 910. From that time the laws of Justinian ceased to have any force in the eastern empire, and the Basilica were the foundation of the law observed there till Constantine XIII, the last of the Greek emperors, under whom, in 1453, Constantinople was taken by Mahomet the Turk, who put an end to the empire and its laws. Histoire de la Jurisprudence Etienne, Intr. a 1'etude du Droit Romain, Sec. LIII. The Basilica were written in Greek. They were translated into Latin by J. Cujas (Cujacius) Professor of Law in the University of Bourges, and published at Lyons, 22d of January, 1566, in one vol. fo.

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In 1870, Bishop Power began a major restoration of the exterior stone of the Basilica.
During the reign of Urban, for whom Rice claims a position equivalent to that of Julius II (65), the liturgical concerns of the Chapter and the aesthetic interests of the Fabbrica converged to promote the rapid completion of the basilica.
The Pope's visit coincided with a Roman Catholic commemoration of the event, and several thousand faithful attended a celebratory papal Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation.
Papal patronage of the basilica extended to the provision of organs, no fewer than five between 1420 and 1495.
De Venecia said on June 21, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI approved the granting of the special bond of spiritual affinity in perpetuity affiliating the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome to the Shrine of Our Lady of Manaoag, the very first in the Philippines.
The occasional wail of babies in the basilica contrasted at times with the sweet voices of the choir.
The San Damiano chapel sits about a 10-minute walk- down the hillside from the Basilica of St.
President of the Republic, Michel Sleiman, left the Basilica amid cheerful applause from the crowds that gathered at the Basilica's square.
Lucha Libre is Spanish for "free fighting" and the fighters arrived at the Basilica to give thanks for their fans and for the 20th anniversary of AAA, one of Mexico's most popular professional wrestling federations.
Although this structure has not been completely uncovered, it is a small duplicate of the Basilica Cistern in ystanbul," MercangE[micro]z noted.
Revolutionaries had destroyed many of the graves in the Royal Basilica in 1793, and many had been desecrated and the corpses mutilated in the wake of the French Revolution.
SCIENTISTS have finally confirmed that bones in a Rome basilica are those of St Paul.