basis for development

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PESHAWAR:Awami National Party (ANP) central president Asfan Yar Wali Khan Thursday called for a continuous struggle throughout the year for rights of women on equal basis for development of the
The focus of the meeting was on the identification of the priority training needs of banks to serve as a basis for development of the Annual Training Plan of the College for its forthcoming academic year 2017-18.
All this creates fundamental basis for development, the Azerbaijani president said.
Vision 2030 identifies planning for the existing urban areas as an important basis for development and identifies the planning and provision of infrastructure and services such as power, housing and waste management.
GI Partners acquired the property directly from Ericsson, who will lease back a portion of the facility's critical power and space on a short-term basis for development of its cloud-based technologies.
Summary: The Arab female publishers agreed that culture is the basis for development and book exhibitions are great platforms for dialogue and knowledge exchange.
Architectural planning and engineering consultancy services on qcbs basis for development of kaushal bhawan at new moti bagh, new delhi
He asserted the kingdom's interest in education, being the basis for development and nation-building.
3%) of the total number of applicants to the admission center, study (73%) of them in the engineering, business disciplines and information technology, adding that the scholarships program (internal and external) remained unchanged, out of the belief of the leadership that education is the basis for development, prosperity and progress of societies.
He said Sudan is full of potential as and that scientific research is the basis for development.
The Harlequin product team has solved this technical challenge with Harlequin Cross Modulated screens as the basis for development.
As research and study makes an essential basis for development at Gandour, the launch of EeAoMoodsEeAo came as a result of researches and studies conducted by the company in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region to identify the consumer desire.