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The main summer travel period of July 1 to August 31, 2015 served as the basis of comparison.
As a basis of comparison, prior to the decline in the housing market in 2007, completed foreclosures averaged 21,000 per month nationwide between 2000 and 2006.
A novel aspect of the book is that it also contains snap-shot views of the industrial state of the art, both for devices and circuits, designed to provide the reader with a useful basis of comparison for the current status and future course of the global Si heterostructure industry.
1% like-for-like gain was particularly robust given the high basis of comparison with first-quarter 2006, when revenue rose 11.
Suffering, as inexplicable as that in the poetry of Thomas Hardy (whose short lines and simple language offer some basis of comparison for the anglophone reader), is somehow, unlike Hardy's, redemptive.
To have a useful basis of comparison, I pulled two other references off the bookshelf: Baughman's 1951 Aviation Dictionary and Reference Guide, and Heflin's 1956 The United States Air Force Dictionary.
Canadian and American immigration policies are different and there is no basis of comparison (though after September 11, considerable pressure to veer to the right has been exerted on Canada by its powerful neighbour).
Science is chosen here as the basis of comparison between Telassar and Harvard because it is a basis Harvard would have to accept.
The figure does not represent total cases countywide, but is a small sample that gives officials a basis of comparison for the severity of the outbreak from year to year.
Scotland Office Minister Brian Wilson said nationalist hopes had yet again been dashed, and argued that the real basis of comparison was not Labour's share of the vote in the constituency in 1997, but the 19 per cent vote share it achieved there in the 1999 Scottish elections in which Mr Canavan was elected as an independent MSP.
This information will be used as the basis of comparison of the information obtained in Step 3.
Are the European populations that are the authors' basis of comparison urban or rural?