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That is the key point to such ideology, and to the hollowness of Howard's professed attachment to community, mutual obligation (the conservative bastardisation of collectively minded reciprocation) and the implied teachings of Christianity.
Also, TNS have now even left their original small village roots, adding to the sides' bastardisation.
Her bastardisation was reversed and they were married in January.
Bowing to their demands for the bastardisation of the game.
He lamented the state of insecurity in the country, attributing it to hunger, unemployment, greed, dissatisfaction, envy, selfishness, low income, poor distribution of wealth, cowardice, bastardisation of religion, just as he called for urgent measures to address the current state of insecurity.
It is not just the bastardisation of the bidding process for World Cups - and with it the practice of offering alleged kick-backs and bribes for TV and commercial rights - that is at stake here.
Bastardisation of the club's home shirt is dangerous territory.
A heritage which emphasises singing in Arabic much in the same way one would recite poetry, meaning that proper singing and enunciation is a must and anything less would be a bastardisation of this tradition.
Anything else is a betrayal of the workforce and a bastardisation of the brand.
I was reminded of my distaste for the bastardisation of perfectly good pastimes by a recently published survey that investigated public attitudes to wine buying, concluding that a large portion of the country ends up ordering house wine in restaurants because it is put off by wine-list jargon.
I'm just against the bastardisation of what they used to stand for.
The SWAT and Minority Report star laughs: ``Did you hear that bastardisation of The Clash I do at the end of the film?