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The English I grew up hearing was full of impure bastardisations, containing a similar quota of the reprehensible and the vulgar to that found in van Niekerk's novel, full of words such as "kafferboetie" ("kaffir-lover"), "moer" (multiple meanings: as a verb, "biff him one", as a noun, "vagina", "sediment", among other meanings), "bliksem" ("bugger" as a noun, "thump" or "beat up" as a verb), and so on.
A heritage which emphasises singing in Arabic much in the same way one would recite poetry, meaning that proper singing and enunciation is a must and anything less would be a bastardisation of this tradition.
Nonetheless, due to the bastardisation of the Keynesian revolution and the subsequent monetarist counter-revolution, we might suppose that the peculiar evolution of economic management in the so-called Keynesian era (roughly 1945-1974) has made some aspects of economic management more difficult than they once were.
I was reminded of my distaste for the bastardisation of perfectly good pastimes by a recently published survey that investigated public attitudes to wine buying, concluding that a large portion of the country ends up ordering house wine in restaurants because it is put off by wine-list jargon.
I'm just against the bastardisation of what they used to stand for.
The SWAT and Minority Report star laughs: ``Did you hear that bastardisation of The Clash I do at the end of the film?
It is common historical fact that theLiver Birds a rebut a bastardisation of historical intent.
The Aussie fans serenaded him with a bastardisation of Waltzing Matilda, based on his attempt to batter Joe Root in a Birmingham bar a few weeks ago.
One suspects the bastardisation of this country's summer game that is under way in the form of the Indian Premier League is just the beginning.
The United States Golf Association and the course owners are under fire for their alleged bastardisation of the Californian track.
Certainly not the Arsenal fans who had baited Adebayor with the bastardisation of the chant they once sang to praise him.
Take that away and the game becomes a bastardisation - tailored entirely to the gimmick of a quick fix.