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REGARDING Vincent Black's letter (Viewpoints, February 24) about the seemingly bastardised Welsh language.
When he settled in the North East - he was originally from North London - he lived in a small ground-floor flat in Seaham, County Durham, because he believed that North East English is not a bastardised version of our language, but all we have left of Old English.
Yes, there's still a day out at Twickenham to be had for the finalists of the National Trophy and yes, there's still a useful amount of prize money on offer but sadly the concept - particularly the current bastardised version - is no longer relevant.
That's just a bastardised version of pop," he retorts in his laid-back, Pembroke drawl, before quickly retracting the word "bastardised" and adding: "What I do is just as much pop as that sort of thing.
He added: "Turkish baths are a welcome import in this country and should be allowed to flower as near to the original as possible and not be bastardised by Anglo- Saxon prudery.
In his professional capacity, however, Westwood the DJ speaks with some kind of bastardised Jamaican accent.
Unlike true fiction or genuine documentary, this bastardised form of television is blatantly manipulative and openly exploitative.
With dreadfully bastardised logic, the reasoning was that since all wars were made by men, therefore all men made war.
They include a nod to the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical with a bastardised medley of South Pacific tunes - among them Rachel Rae's confident, knowing Childwall Valley High (aka Bali Ha'i), while the highlight of the night has got to be the full length version of Bohemian Rhapsody, complete with Drew Schofield guitar solo, which forms the explosive finale to the first half.
What do you think about hardcore Bollywood fans who say you have bastardised Bollywood and that westerners should start accepting Bollywood films in its totality?
Because the term indie has been bastardised and is now used to describe any chart-friendly rock by blokes with designer haircuts.
But hand on heart, apart from perverse Tina Turner fans who actually enjoy hearing the song bastardised, which of the two songs would you really rather hear echoing round football stadiums?