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This is what Duterte is afraid of - that the policemen might tell the truth (about extrajudicial killings) and will therefore 'betray' the President,' Bastes said.
Bishop Bastes raised serious concerns after the approval at the House of Representatives committee on population and family relations of a substitute bill which seeks to ease the access to legal processes for the dissolution of marriage.
The destruction of families by divorce is indeed a project of Satan,' said Bastes.
Bishop Bastes is vice-chairman of the inter-denominational Philippine Bible Society, which recently produced an electronic version of the Bible, in a number of language (Zenit, Sept.
I really have difficulty understanding this response," says Zaida Bastes, Africa program associate for the Primate's Fund.
Engineers evaluating high-level-waste barrier systems have assumed that any plutonium or americium leached from vitrified waste would dissolve into passing water, Bastes says.
Bastes also opposed the idea of extending the term of any elected official.
Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes warned that the efforts of some quarters to boot out officials who were human rights advocates would lead to a 'dictatorship of death.
Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes also welcomed the President's declaration, saying it's a "pleasant surprise.