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As silver jubilarians in 2011, the batch launched the Ateneo College '86 Freedom Fund for the following beneficiaries: the Ateneo Scholarship Foundation, the Mision de la Compania de Jesus for elderly and infirm Jesuits, the Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, and the Kythe Foundation.
Detectamet's new tough batch traceability tags are metal detectable and heat shock resistant so they can cope with extreme temperatures from -25[degrees]C to 250[degrees]C (-13 to 482[degrees]F).
Recently, batch processing machines problems have attracted many researchers.
The 3rd and last batch, including "32" persons, will leave on Dhul- Hajjah 5th.
In addition to an updated display panel and more durable keypad, the CB-30 features English annunciators-such as Batch Ready, Batch, Wash Ready, Wash and Hold--that inform the operator of the batch condition.
A dedicated batch dribble control system complementing a fast fill batcher to complete the batch
The need for greater agility and responsiveness is driving manufacturers away from custom-engineered batch software applications to standardized, open technology," said Andy Stump, FactoryTalk Batch Product Manager, Rockwell Automation.
Guardian batch weigh blenders from Process Control Corp.
A combination of both continuous and batch cleaning is considered the optimal solution for effective press fabric cleaning," said Weavexx's Norman and Summer.
1 include optical character recognition checkpoints, a script status tool, and significant improvements to batch file management.
NYSE:BMC), a provider of enterprise management solutions, has announced that Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) has chosen to extend its commitment to CONTROL-M for dynamic batch management.
It's done with an old-fashioned sleight of hand called a batch file--something lots of people used before Windows painted over simple DOS commands, such as "copy teabiscuit.