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The unusual dinner includes battered jumbo pigs in blankets with smoky bacon, battered Brussels sprouts and battered turkey and stuffing meatballs.
Part I of this Note provides a general overview of the battered spouse syndrome framework and describes its functions and roles in criminal cases.
Both festive foods, plus a battered Christmas dinner, will be added to the eatery's menu early next month.
The fibers reduced the oil content of battered potato nuggets by a range of 3.
With my battered old cap over my eyes to keep out the glare,
the 33-unit restaurant and entertainment complex, Corona Beer Battered Seafood is now available to operators across the country.
Brown appealed, contending such testimony about the behavior of domestic violence victims was not admissible because the prosecution had failed to show that the victim was a battered woman and did not offer proof that the defendant had abused her on more than one occasion.
Consequently, the public's judgment of a battered woman's moral development often surrounds the victim's decision to stay in her violent relationship.
This article examines the limitations of expert testimony in homicide cases in which women have asserted battered woman syndrome as a defense.
But most Chicago-area social service agencies that serve battered immigrant women say that, while they believe the number of incidents has remained unchanged, more women have come forward in the last six years due to federal legislation that gives them legal leverage.
The increasing prevalence of domestic violence in Israel has engendered a critical need to identify and treat battered women.
On four occasions during a 6-week period in the summer of 1998, a man had battered his cohabitant, once bruising her entire face and, on another occasion, beating her severely and knocking out a tooth.