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63) Although numerous studies document the profound impact of battering and its effects on women's physical and mental health, there is not overwhelming support for a particular profile: (64)
In short, although the term battered woman syndrome offers a convenient "label" that may ease communication, the disadvantage is that the "syndrome has become a stereotype that often does not fit the current state of knowledge concerning battering and its effects.
80) She further asserts that in order to provide a full explanation of the woman's response to the violence, it is essential that the scope of the testimony extend beyond the psychological effects of the battering and include consideration of the overall social context in which the battering occurs (for example, the batterer's domination and control, economic factors, the woman's prior traumatic experiences, the response of the police and other institutions).
In the case of a jury trial, does expert evidence on battering truly alter the jurors' understanding of the woman's perceptions and actions?
This examination will focus on three key issues: (1) whether the presence of expert testimony on battered woman syndrome influences mock jurors' verdicts in homicide trials of battered women who have killed their abusers; (2) whether it influences mock jurors' perceptions of the defendant, and if so, in what manner; and, (3) how alternative forms of expert testimony on battering impact upon the jurors' decisions.
Unless the battering is interrupted, the violence during this phase will take at least as severe a form as is necessary for the abuser to accomplish his goal.
After a battering episode, most victims consider themselves lucky that the abuse was not worse, no matter how severe their injuries.
And recently, the medical profession has been hard at work to ensure that doctors recognize the signs of battering.
It seems that the most important issue is how to prevent battering from happening in the first place.