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Dhoni said he had been under pressure at the start of his innings, but with the others batting around him, his task was made easy.
I've been batting around the showbiz industry for eight years and have partied with the best of them.
I know guys have been sort of batting around ideas, but any time you can play with a double major champion from one year that would be very, very nice.
Some of our intersections will have a value close to $200 to $250 per tonne in terms of metal value in the ground," Page says, batting around some preliminary numbers.
The creative team behind ``The Simpsons'' has been batting around the movie ideas since 1992, when thought was given to lengthening the ``Kamp Krusty'' episode into a feature-length film.
Collingwood only discovered he would be batting around an hour-and-a-half after Butcher was carried off the field on Tuesday.