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37) The bawdiness of the planet resides not just in its power to incite people to lechery, but in its own lechery, the pleasure it takes from striking bodies to the "east, west, north, and south.
These plays were lauded for their bawdiness and wit.
Like professional wrestling, there's an element of theatrics to the whole event - one clip on YouTube pits "Sarah Palin" against "Hilary Clinton" - with a dash of bawdiness.
Just as we forgive the neurotic woman who lurches between failed diets - "it is not her fault, her mother should never have given her a Barbie doll" - so we should try to forgive the rugby prat who lurches between bars, brawls and bawdiness.
Male private parts were always much in evidence and so at this point bawdiness becomes crudity.
What is striking about French literature is the range of scale: the Hugo-style genius of the French spirit and the Rabelaisian bawdiness, de Musset's charm and Apollinaire's thrilling melody, Lautreamont's madness, the inexhaustible passion of Rimbaud's poetry, the latent sensitivity of Reverdy's cubism, the inventiveness of the lyrical paradox in Jacob's work," she wrote.
ACERTAIN bawdiness is introduced, as occurred in Chaucer's day.
This is particularly evident with Hamlet's verbal bawdiness with Ophelia: "That's a fair thought, to lie between a maid's legs"(III.
Host Chelsea Handler gave the show its traditional bawdiness, though her jokes often fell flat.
The revealing dance style was popular in the music halls of Victorian Britain where its overt sexiness and bawdiness was in sharp contrast to the strict moral values of the time.
She said she was "wary" of Mr Wright before the events of October 12, and when she first joined Merseytravel had been warned about "Phil the Perv's" apparent reputation for bawdiness.
Thankfully, just as you found yourself welling up, a bit of bawdiness would relieve the tension, such as when letters from bereaved women flutter down from above and poignant snippets are read out - along with a suggestive letter from a prisoner.