be alarmed

See: fear
References in classic literature ?
Well, don't be alarmed if I return at one, two or three o'clock in the morning; indeed, do not be alarmed if I do not come at all.
Don't let the lady be alarmed by my striking a light,' and immediately a match rattled, and glimmered in a hand.
Consequently, now that we meet, him and me, you'll say--and say right--that there's nothing to be alarmed at, in my proposing to him TO come forward--or, putting the same meaning in another form, to come along with me--and explain himself.
When he saw her well-disposed towards him, he exclaimed: 'Madam, I have a most important secret to confide to you, and I beg you not to be alarmed by what I am about to say.
From behind the door a human figure appeared, but the girl was too familiar with such apparitions to be alarmed, and therefore only stared, hoping to recognize Morrel.
Don't be alarmed,' said Nicholas, hurrying him back into the room.