be angry

See: resent
References in classic literature ?
To be angry once in a while is really good fun, because it makes others so miserable.
I was afraid you might be angry with me later on, if I went to the house of Oceanus without letting you know.
She could almost be angry herself at such angry incivility; but she checked the resentful sensation; she remembered her own ignorance.
And if the world perceives that what we are saying about him is the truth, will they be angry with philosophy?
You must not be angry with me," I continued, "for making such a proposal.
Then send him away," said Mercury, "or Jove will be angry with you and punish you".
I did not in so many words say that you are beautiful, but I think it nevertheless, and ye cannot be angry with my poor eyes if they deceive me into believing that no fairer woman breathes the air of England.
Why, I would not have you mention this any more," said Sophia, "for it may come to my father's ears, and he would be angry with Mr Jones; though I really believe, as you say, he meant nothing.
And what have I done, dear grandpapa, that you should be angry with me?
But Philip could not bear to be angry with him long, and even when convinced that he was in the right, would apologise humbly.
Please don't be angry," he said, and smiling, he took his hand.
I have come,' replied Martin's mother--'and your Majesty must not be angry with me--I have come a-wooing.