be appropriate

References in classic literature ?
To-night I feel inclined to allow my choice to be directed by sentiment; and as we are on so pretty a pilgrimage, would it not be appropriate to drink Liebfraumilch?
For should any one define in what sense each is an animal, his definition in the one case will be appropriate to that case only.
Kleuver said a one-size-fits-all product is likely to be appropriate for a small minority of potential customers.
While they agree that physician apologies may be appropriate in some circumstances, these lawyers are reluctant to embrace the apology movement that is sweeping the health care industry.
We concluded that rodents may not be appropriate models for exposure to the class of PCBs discussed in the article and suggested that previous research using rodent models to predict the effects of these PCBs on humans may need to be re-evaluated in light of our findings.
The impulses must emerge from the actual life of the churches, and the product must be appropriate to an edifying for all the Christian people.
These need to be appropriate in severity to the behavior.
Best will make a determination on what further rating actions may be appropriate.
The result may be appropriate in many cases, if follow-up actions to positives detected are measured and suited to the circumstances so that the combined consequences of frequent false positives do not exceed the consequences of the rare hazard that we seek to avoid.
The pieces Schultz has included certainly would be appropriate for settings ranging from weddings to the concert stage.
The immorality and unethical behavior you display would be appropriate for a street gang, but it's astonishing for the administration of a university.
With our strong balance sheet and our expectations for improved SFAE performance, we believe that it will be appropriate to distribute a substantial portion of the proceeds from the NDSG transaction to our shareholders, either in the form of share repurchases, a special cash dividend, or a combination of the two.