be attentive to

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We must be attentive to the X-factor to be successful.
As you know, national borders do not exist when it comes to cyber space so we have to be attentive to the dangers of a cascading failure of infrastructure that could begin anywhere on the globe and carry from one substantial infrastructure into another country's infrastructure at very high speed.
Although the health department must be attentive to public health issues, Liu said its concerns in this case are groundless.
He seemed to be attentive to the distinction between speaking out on moral issues and speaking out in opposition to specific candidates.
Because I cannot mention everyone, let me be attentive to those poets who have left a marked impression on my heart and memory.
Blessed Edith, while warning that one must be attentive to the problems of formal ontology, writes: "I am convinced that the species humanity embraces the double species man and woman; that the essence of the complete human being is characterized by this duality; and that the entire structure of the essence demonstrates the specific character.