be cognizant of

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We all need to be cognizant of what organizations such as Wal-Mart, Costco and McDonalds are doing and what requirements they will place on the food industry to meet these demands.
7) Therefore, it is important that surgeons who treat head and neck cancer be cognizant of this long-term postradiation complication and to continue to follow these patients indefinitely.
A recent case highlights the need for both practitioners and the Service to be cognizant of this rule.
Agencies that utilize taxpayer money to provide services must always be cognizant of performance for the price," maintains Kriegel.
In the AMA Code of Ethics, it states, "Patients generally have a responsibility to meet their financial obligations with regard to medical care," and, "Patients should be cognizant of the cost associated with using a limited resource like healthcare and try to use medical resources judiciously.