be congruent

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The number of partitions of n in which the multiplicity of each part is either congruent to 0 (mod k) or else at least t and congruent to t (mod k) equals the number of partitions of n where all parts must be congruent to 0 (mod k) or congruent to t (mod 2t).
Each of these parts will then be congruent to 3 modulo 6.
We are taught in geometry that two triangles can be congruent under various conditions; for example, if SSS = SSS or if SAS = SAS or if ASA = ASA and so on, where S represents a side of the triangle and A an angle.
The purpose of this study was to investigate why some Hawaiian language and culture-based (HLCB) educators perceived the Montessori approach to be congruent with their goals and values and to determine the salient features of the Montessori approach used by HLCB teachers who received Montessori training.
Principals' perceptions, however, may not always be congruent with the ASCA role standards.
For the sake of simplicity, we will use the term "lesbian" to refer to a woman who engages in sex with another woman, and thus represents the axis of sexual behavior, which may not necessarily be congruent with self-defined sexual identity (1).
The students discussed flips and rotations of cutting schemes and whether these divisions should count as different: "The class came to a group decision that if it can be flipped or rotated to be congruent to a way already shown, it will not count as a new way.
The children also concluded, "If the shapes are congruent, they have to be fair shares, but fair shares don't have to be congruent.
When you can provide for every entertainment need an audience might have, the industry and the company can be congruent, which creates an entirely different mind-set, as we can see from the Time Warner-Disney dust-up.
The location will be congruent with the Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the United States in both product and service, while being sensitive to local preferences and customs.
Additionally, Rosenberg commented, "Tami's professionalism and management style will be congruent with the positive leadership legacy fostered by Mrs.
Follow-up mineral chemistry of the chromites has shown the composition to be congruent to chromites from the Company's neighbouring 701 Changma Mine kimberlites, where annual diamond production totals approximately 90,000 carats.