be eradicated

See: perish
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Obviously, I don't think people are going to eat it to the extent that it will be eradicated, but if I were hungry and homeless, I could scrape up enough of this to have a good little snack in about 15 minutes.
Accordingly, a tumor treated with this combined technology potentially can be eradicated (killed) using significantly lower doses of radiation or chemotherapy.
But they won't be eradicated and will remain a nuisance, spreading a sticky honeydew excretion on leaves that damages cars and sticks to just about everything, including pet paws and human hair.
The trials were designed to test the safety of the formulation, to monitor the extent and duration of colonization of the nasal and oral cavities of the volunteers, and to determine if the delivery system could be eradicated at the end of the study with a regimen of conventional antibiotics.
Poverty can be eradicated from the Muslim world if all Muslims start taking the institution of Zakat seriously, which is mandatory.
And eventually it has to be eradicated if we want to have a world without war.
However, despite tremendous progress through efforts of many governments and public and private entities, poliovirus has yet to be eradicated and is not regarded as a bioterrorism agent at this time.
True to his word, Fischer lambasted the Indian cabinet when he received the prize: telling his audience that the government's claim that leprosy would be eradicated by the year 2000 was completely wrong.
Every piece of research data confirms that HCV is "curable," which means simply that HCV can be eradicated.
But what about those traits that are first undesirable, to be eradicated, that turn out to be the better way?
We may not make it by the cutoff year, but it will be eradicated.
They've renewed my hope that one day the sin of sexism will be eradicated from the church and that change can come incrementally, one talented woman at a time.