be erased

See: disappear
References in classic literature ?
So many years have since past, that you may have, perhaps, forgotten this circumstance: but your desires are to me in the nature of commands; and the impression of them is never to be erased from my memory.
He looked back, once, before he left the street; and looked upon a sight not easily to be erased, even from his remembrance, so long as he had life.
I am strong, I am beautiful, and I will not be erased.
The Kurdish leaders are next in line to be erased by al-Maliki.
Someone else could work out for you--and then you'll be surprised at how quickly the first crush can be erased from your mind
He gave audiences a taste for the irreverence and artifice of camp that couldn't be erased when its link to gay experience was finally acknowledged.
Although people realized the damage the Marcos regime created would not be erased overnight, millions of Filipinos are still being denied justice and relief from their impoverished conditions, says Rosca.
I was lucky enough to do all those things, so I have some treasured memories which will never be erased.
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