be extinguished

See: perish
References in classic literature ?
It signaled to her across the dark street; it was a sign of triumph shining there for ever, not to be extinguished this side of the grave.
The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.
The experts used a variety of means to test how burning traction batteries can be extinguished.
We hope that the fire in Haifa would be extinguished soon".
When air is injected into the foam, the company said, the foam penetrates wood more effectively, allowing a fire to be extinguished more quickly.
Forest Service spokeswoman Kathy Good said it was expected to be extinguished by nightfall Thursday.
The Plan provides that Pan Am's existing equity will be extinguished upon confirmation and will not represent any interest whatsoever in the reorgnized debtor.
An additional approximately $15 million of bank indebtedness will be extinguished in the recapitalization.
The October 1998 agreement between Maxon and Seiler provides that the outstanding agreement long term indebtedness be extinguished in its entirety for 3,333,333 shares of restrictive (with demand registration rights) SEPED common stock.
Unfortunately, there are countless ways that republican liberty can be extinguished through perpetual warfare--as we are likely to learn, to our sorrow, if we do not get out of Iraq and abandon our compulsively interventionist foreign policy.
5 times the size of a football field--then the blaze can typically be extinguished for less than $500,000, he estimates.
But even though these two judges defended the interests of the child, they also said that the rights of the fetus can "always," "at any time," be extinguished by its mother, who may decide to have an abortion.