be forthcoming

See: impend
References in classic literature ?
That the necessary funds for the experiment of the Gun Club will not be forthcoming.
Aunt Sarah flew to the pantry or cellar whenever Rebecca's slim little shape first appeared on the crest of the hill, and a jelly tart or a frosted cake was sure to be forthcoming.
He added that Rogojin was drunk, of course; but that he thought the money would be forthcoming, for the excited and intoxicated rapture of the fellow impelled him to give any interest or premium that was asked of him, and there were several others engaged in beating up the money, also.
Rain or shine, work or no work, at the end of each week the money must be forthcoming, or I must give up my privilege.
When Fred stated the circumstances of his debt, his wish to meet it without troubling his father, and the certainty that the money would be forthcoming so as to cause no one any inconvenience, Caleb pushed his spectacles upward, listened, looked into his favorite's clear young eyes, and believed him, not distinguishing confidence about the future from veracity about the past; but he felt that it was an occasion for a friendly hint as to conduct, and that before giving his signature he must give a rather strong admonition.
The putrid old man would kill him and eat him, for the goats would never be forthcoming.
Unfortunately, this is a reissue, so no further volumes will be forthcoming (to my knowledge); please note that the storyline does not end with the first volume.
Several Darby residents and Americans United warned that if the "objective origins policy" were adopted, a lawsuit based on a constitutional challenge could be forthcoming.
We currently have secured half of the funding and we hope the other half will be forthcoming.
And more changes could be forthcoming when Park pitches.
Best encourages companies to be forthcoming regarding the catastrophe model report, detailing such factors as construction type, location and key model assumptions.
to figure out that permission to speak would never be forthcoming.