be mistaken

References in classic literature ?
The belief that a motive is normally conscious makes it easier to be mistaken as to our own motives than as to other people's.
Here I discovered the roguery and ignorance of those who pretend to write anecdotes, or secret history; who send so many kings to their graves with a cup of poison; will repeat the discourse between a prince and chief minister, where no witness was by; unlock the thoughts and cabinets of ambassadors and secretaries of state; and have the perpetual misfortune to be mistaken.
But let us consider: Have we not admitted that the rulers may be mistaken about their own interest in what they command, and also that to obey them is justice?
I am not going to miss the 50-year-old posers in their leased luxury car convertibles with their hair weaves and a cell phone glued to their ears, hoping to be mistaken for movie producers.
Effusions can be mistaken for a cholesterol granuloma and petrositis, and asymmetric fatty marrow can be mistaken for a cholesteatoma.