be obligated

See: answer, owe
References in classic literature ?
Again had she placed him under obligations to her, and Tarzan of the Apes did not wish to be obligated to a German spy; yet in his honest heart he could not but admit a certain admiration for her courage, a trait which always greatly impressed the ape-man, he himself the personification of courage.
So, he'd come with a most tremenjous crowd and make such a row at the doors of the houses where we was, that they used to be obligated to have no more to do with us and to give us up to him.
In return, you would be obligated to buy the supplier's products.
Nation-states will always be obligated to have a stake in the quality and quantity of their economies ("Who's Winning the Game?
Following the NYUHC bond issue, Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH) will remain as the only obligated group member of MSNYU and will be obligated on the remaining outstanding Dormitory of the State of New York (MSNYU) series 2000A and 2000C bonds.
In the event that all the senior notes are not sold during the remarketing period, XL Capital may be obligated to purchase any remaining outstanding senior notes, potentially resulting in a mix of common stock and debt.
Smith in which event the Company would be obligated to pay to Mr.
The company will also be obligated to file annual and quarterly reports with the SEC upon effectiveness of its registration statement.