be petrified

See: fear
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The ones who are in difficult situations pray to God to be petrified in order to get rid of the situations they are in.
Those who are in a difficult situation wish to be petrified by God in order to get rid of their situation" (Feyzioglu 2011, 122).
Some of the stalagmites were considered to be petrified humans or animals.
The lovers escape, and with the fear of being caught, they both pray to be petrified.
The girl, who sees that her lover doesn't come, prays to God to be petrified.
The mother-of-two said: "I'm going to be petrified at night.
As a parent myself I know I would be petrified that my children could be at risk with these convicted criminals in the centre of the town.
The older residents must be petrified living there.