be plentiful

References in classic literature ?
A man had need, if he be plentiful in some kind of expense, to be as saving again in some other.
Then the entertainment began as soon as might be; Mr Codlin having the responsibility of deciding on its length and of protracting or expediting the time for the hero's final triumph over the enemy of mankind, according as he judged that the after-crop of half-pence would be plentiful or scant.
Juag suggested that we travel to the northeast, where, he said, upon the verge of the plain we would find a wooded country in which game should be plentiful.
Opportunities in the engineering industry seem to be plentiful, although a USDA/Purdue University study indicates that the number of graduates in the next few years will outweigh the number of jobs.
Traveling through space, the interstellar PAHs would retain their chemical identity until they encountered ionized hydrogen, believed to be plentiful during the formation of the solar system.
The pork supply will be plentiful," said Glenn Grimes, market consultant for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC).
The benefits of this partnership will be plentiful on both sides.