be promoted

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It was known as a fact that the Most Serene Don John of Austria, natural brother of our good king Don Philip, was coming as commander-in-chief of the allied forces, and rumours were abroad of the vast warlike preparations which were being made, all which stirred my heart and filled me with a longing to take part in the campaign which was expected; and though I had reason to believe, and almost certain promises, that on the first opportunity that presented itself I should be promoted to be captain, I preferred to leave all and betake myself, as I did, to Italy; and it was my good fortune that Don John had just arrived at Genoa, and was going on to Naples to join the Venetian fleet, as he afterwards did at Messina.
In a related move, Joseph Kelley, currently executive director for state and federal government affairs, will be promoted to vice president for state and federal government affairs, effective June 1.
Paul Lacy, who joined Kronos in 1988, will be promoted to executive vice president and chief financial and administrative officer.
Aron Ain will be promoted to executive vice president and chief operating officer.
brands, including the newly launched AOLTV(sm), and America Online will be promoted in E
Nancy Leichter added, "To be promoted to Vice President/General Manager of `The Beat', a station for which I have such passion, is just incredible.
With this agreement, I hope that international cooperation both at the government and industry level will be promoted between Japan and the U.