be sufficient

References in classic literature ?
Obviously the measurements of a single angle would no longer be sufficient under such portentous circumstances; one's whole life would be taken up in feeling or surveying the perimeter of one's acquaintances.
For though at first two oboli might be sufficient, yet when once it is become customary, they continually want something more, until they set no limits to their expectations; for it is the nature of our desires to be boundless, and many live only to gratify them.
One estimates it thirty miles, because the internal heat, increasing at the rate of about one degree to each sixty to seventy feet depth, would be sufficient to fuse the most refractory substances at that distance beneath the surface.
The glaring insincerity of these sermons was not sufficient to compass the banishment of the fashion from the schools, and it is not sufficient to-day; it never will be sufficient while the world stands, perhaps.
That the loss of your eyes would be no impediment to your bodily strength, by which you might still be useful to his majesty; that blindness is an addition to courage, by concealing dangers from us; that the fear you had for your eyes, was the greatest difficulty in bringing over the enemy's fleet, and it would be sufficient for you to see by the eyes of the ministers, since the greatest princes do no more.
Now the slightest thought will be sufficient to convince any one who has an eye at all, of the ill effect of numerous looking-glasses, and especially of large ones.
For clothes, George said two suits of flannel would be sufficient, as we could wash them ourselves, in the river, when they got dirty.
Best believes that the Club's decision to make additional calls on the 2004-2006 policy years and other actions planned in advance of the 2010 deadline for Solvency 2 are likely to be sufficient to maintain the Club's risk-adjusted capitalisation at an excellent level.
Best believes that the absolute level of capital and surplus will be sufficient to absorb the significant forecasted growth in net premiums written of approximately 45% at year-end 2006, largely due to QGIR's new business, particularly in respect to energy and motor portfolios.
The capital requirement for the sidecar is assumed to be sufficient in order for the vehicle to achieve the same rating as that of the ceding insurer/reinsurer.
Best's rating of the trust is solely an evaluation of specific risks, such as market and operational risks, which may affect the value of the assets in the trust and whether the amount in the trust will be sufficient to meet MIC's obligation to pay an amount equal to the Collateral Base.
Best believes that initial capital of GBP 100 million (USD 190 million) and likely future retained earnings based on realistic assumptions will be sufficient to support excellent risk-adjusted capitalisation.