be swayed

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Despite the escalating body count, Rose will not be swayed from her efforts to coax Victoria to issue her famous utterance, ``I am not amused.
Arnold Schwarzenegger swore he would not be swayed by special interests and campaign contributors.
22) that the anti-secession camp spent $10 million-plus, although the Daily News regularly complained that the figure was $5 million, and then wrote that I can't be swayed by the ``facts, propaganda or history.
But in an era of Howard Stern clones and phony radio psychologists, Elder represents something rare and refreshing in local talk: a free thinker who refuses to be swayed by his peers - or anyone else, for that matter.
If there is a lesson to be learned here, it is to find the truth in the Bible and teach it to your family so that they cannot be swayed by false teaching,'' said Applewhite's son, Mark, in a statement released Saturday from his Corpus Christi, Texas, home.
Robert Lord 24, Dewsbury Even though he is almost certain where he will put the X on May 5 he could still be swayed.